Friday, February 13, 2009

Changes in the Wind

It has been my privilege to participate in the ministry of Christian Life College for the last fifteen years. This college has been an important part of my life. Little did I know how much my life would be changed when I met the evangelist at the Arkansas District Youth Camp in 1973. His name was Kenneth Haney and he was the former international Pentecostal Conquerors’ President. He asked me to come to Stockton, CA to attend Western Apostolic Bible College. I enrolled in college that fall and graduated from WABC in 1977 with a B.A. in Bible and Theology.

I don’t recall when the desire to teach at the college first came to me, but it was within the early years of my ministry. I readily recognized the difference this Bible College made in my life and I wanted to see others experience it in the same way. In 1994, seventeen years after my graduation, I was invited me to come back to Stockton and join the staff at Christian Life College as the Campus Pastor. The following year I was asked to be the Dean of Students when Phillip Dugas resigned and moved to Portland. When Dr. Raymond Crownover accepted a position with UGST in St Louis, I was asked to fill the role of Academic Dean in 2001. I became the Executive Vice President in 2003 when Dr. Jeffery Garner accepted a pastorate in San Francisco. I continued to fill the position of Academic Dean while serving as Executive Vice President until 2007 when Jarrid Younkin joined the staff and assumed that responsibility.

I appreciate the opportunity to have served in so many facets of leadership at Christian Life College. My life has been enriched by my association with each faculty member, every student and the wonderful heritage of this institution and the Haney family. I am proud to have worked with them and been a part of this ministry. Gayla and I have grown and developed in ministry and in our personal lives. Gayla completed her B.A. in Christian Music and I was able to earn a Master’s degree in Exegetical Theology through Western Seminary while teaching at the college.

We have been able to minister to hundreds of young people, become acquainted with many of our alumni, publish books, and plant a church in the Bay Area. As of the first of the year, I have resigned as pastor of the church we planted in Pleasanton seven years ago. Stuart Young, pastor of Victory Point Pentecostal Church in Livermore has been elected as pastor and we have merged our congregations. Stuart and Darla Young assisted us in planting the church in Pleasanton and were with us for three years before they started their church in Livermore, CA. They will do well with the increase in size and finance as they continue the great work they are doing in the Tri-Valley.

I have been elected as co-pastor (and pastor-elect) of Life Church in Gilbert, Arizona, where my father-in-law is currently the pastor. For several years Pastor Robert Bibb has wanted us to come and assume the pastorate where he has been for the last eight years. Last summer we agreed to come and the church unanimously voted for us to be the pastor of this growing congregation in the east valley of the Phoenix metro area. We were committed to complete the academic year at Christian Life College and assist in a smooth transition of leadership. It is our intention to make the physical move to Arizona during the summer of 2009.

This will be my last year as Executive Vice President of Christian Life College. I have offered to come back and teach on a limited schedule in the fall of 2009.
Pastor Nathaniel Haney spoke very positively in response to that offer.

It was my desire to make this public statement of our decision so as to allay any rumors or misunderstanding concerning our transition from the leadership of Christian Life College. We have had some great experiences and have many good memories of our years in Stockton. We have no regrets and are very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to serve God in the ministry at Christian Life College. I see good things happening and believe the best years are yet ahead.

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